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About Us

Fire Plan Supply is a retail and reseller brand of the custom safety products custom designed and produced to help with fire safety and emergency planning. 

Our goal is to use cutting edge tools and technology to teach the world how to be safe in a fire emergency in their workplaces.  This requires a multi-pronged strategy that includes pre-incident planning, staff training, posting of emergency procedures and evacuation maps (signs), and regular practice (drills).

On this website you will find all of the evacuation sign holders, fire warden identification, and other accessories that we provide to help.  

Products you will find on this website  include:

  • Empty Emergency Sign Holders in various sizes that you can fill with your own procedures and maps
  • Fire Plan Boxes to keep your fire safety plans accessible to staff and emergency responders
  • Arm bands, hats, and vests to identify fire wardens and marshals in an emergency
  • Hands on training kits to bolster your fire extinguisher training program (coming soon!)